30 Nov 2018

Bloodwise aims to be the informed, responsive and proactive voice of the 240,000 people living with blood cancer in the UK, their families and friends.

Together with our supporters we ensure Government, Parliament, the NHS and its agencies, nationally and locally, and the medical community understand the unique needs of people living with blood cancer and the role of Bloodwise.

We campaign for changes that will improve care and treatment for people with blood cancer, reduce the number of people dying from blood cancer and help stop blood cancer happening in the first place.

This means we:

  • Respond to consultations from Government and the NHS ensuring people affected by blood cancer are at the heart of decisions about them. In September 2018, we gave our views to NHS England about how it should invest £20bn of additional funding.
  • Use and create opportunities in both Houses of Parliament to raise the profile of blood cancer, Bloodwise, our research and our policy priorities.
  • Support MPs so they can hold the Government to account and ensure they hear the voice of people affected by blood cancer.
  • Manage the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blood Cancer.
  • Support and manage a Policy Panel (a group of ~20 volunteers with experience of blood cancer) to ensure people affected by blood cancer are at the center of Government and NHS decision making.

Our priorities are to ensure:

  • The emotional and psychological support offered to all cancer patients meets the unique needs of people living with blood cancer, including those on Watch and Wait.
  • Government efforts to diagnose cancer earlier include blood cancer as part of pilot programmes. We also want GPs to offer blood tests for patients displaying blood cancer symptoms, as recommended by the All Party Parliamentary Group’s recent report. That’s because 1 in 3 people diagnosed with blood cancer through GP referral had to see their GP 3 or more times before being referred - more than many other types of cancer.
  • Blood cancer is included on the CancerData dashboard, ensuring local NHS managers can compare their local services for people living with blood cancer with other areas.
  • Government, Parliament and the NHS understand the significance of CAR-T cell therapy.
  • Respond to consultations about whether new drugs and treatments should be available to people living with blood cancer on the NHS, where there’s significant benefit.

Our work in Parliament

We actively work with MPs and members of the House of Lords so they understand and appreciate the needs of people living with blood cancer. We regularly meet them in Parliament and provide them with briefings for relevant debates:

Briefing for January debate – Westminster Hall

Briefing for February debate - House of Commons

We also encourage our fantastic patient ambassadors and other supporters to tell their local MPs about their experience of being diagnosed and living with blood cancer, aligning with our policy and campaign priorities. We also often ask our supporters to join us in Parliament for events, meetings and briefing sessions.

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