How you can help

26 Aug 2016

There are three simple things you can do to help this Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

# Talk about blood cancer

We know that awareness and understanding of blood cancer is low.

This means people don’t always seek medical attention for their symptoms and may struggle to get a diagnosis.

It can also make it hard for them to understand what’s wrong with them, and make them unsure of where to turn once they’ve been diagnosed.

You can help us change this.

Get involved this Blood Cancer Awareness Month and help us spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

Mark, blood cancer patient
“I didn't know what Hodgkin lymphoma was, but I knew it couldn't be good.”

Read Mark's story >




#2 Help us fund research and support

We believe that research will beat blood cancer. That’s why we’ve invested over £500 million in world-class blood cancer research since 1960. 

Research is changing the lives of people with blood cancer – but we can go further.

With your support we can continue our work to stop people dying from blood cancer, stop people getting blood cancer, and improve the quality of life for people with blood cancer.

We’re here to provide support and information for anyone affected by blood cancer.

Donate to fund world class blood cancer research today >
Raise money for Bloodwise >

“The treatments out there have come a long way, even in my time, I can’t believe how much they’ve improved.”

Newton, myeloma patient.



#3 Display our campaign poster!

Our campaign poster has the key facts about blood cancer that we need everyone to know. Download and print a copy, and put it up in your window or in your community today!

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