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01 Sep 2015

We have a tirelessly hard-working network of over 100 regional branches and fundraising groups all around the UK.

Fundraising events in 1960 and today

Our branches have been the lifeblood of our organisation for 55 years.

A few of our branches’ achievements

  • Our Wirral & Merseyside branch had a record-breaking Wirral Bikeathon in 2014: over 1,500 riders and around £75,000 raised!
  • The Lutterworth branch run our only two charity shops. They started in 2000 and hit the £1 million milestone in September 2014!
  • The Southend branch has organised the Southend Bikeathon for 20 years. It raises over £30,000 each year!
  • The Brentwood, Hutton & Billericay branch have raised over £1 million in their 50 years of fundraising – through events such as organising military tattoos, gourmet evenings and spring fairs!
  • Formed in November 2011, the Winterton & District branch has raised £50,000 through bungee jumps, sponsored walks, fashion shows and much more.

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In focus: our Glasgow & District branch

A range of photos from the Glasgow and District Branch

One branch which perfectly illustrates the spirit, determination and vision of our network of supporters is our Glasgow & District branch.

The branch was founded in 1970 by Claire and Joe Mullholland with the help of Mae Naddell and Ann Light, when Claire and Joe’s daughter Ciara was diagnosed with leukaemia. Ciara sadly passed away in 1971.

Since then they’ve raised a colossal £2.5 million from events such as the Christmas Fayre, which raised a fantastic £2,914.12, a dine out event and the Glasgow Walk. 130 people took part in the walk this year, raising £15,000!

Scotswoman of The Year (1979), stained glass artist and founder of the Glasgow & District Branch.

The determination that everyone with a blood cancer will survive is what keeps us going – once you start along the road of fundraising, you can’t stop.

Claire Mulholland, Scotswoman of The Year (1979), stained glass artist and founder of the Glasgow & District Branch. Claire passed away in July 2013.

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