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We’re here for everyone affected by blood cancer: whether it’s leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or another blood disorder; whether you’re a patient, family, friend or carer; whether you’re worried about symptoms, in the middle of treatment or adjusting to life afterwards.

Blood cancer treatment and side effects

Treatments for blood cancer usually involve one of – or a combination of – chemotherapy or biological therapies (drugs which act on abnormal processes going on in cells). In some cases people may have radiotherapy, other drugs or stem cell transplants. Other people may never need treatment.

Most treatments have some side effects but these differ from person to person and your healthcare team will be able to help you to manage them.

If you’re worried about or have been diagnosed with a certain type of blood cancer, select it in the menu below to find more specific information about treatments and side effects.

Order patient information booklets

You can order free printed copies of our patient information booklets, as well as patient diaries, information on dietary advice and more.