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£50K Celebration Evening

Danny Redhead
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19 Jul 2014

We want to say thank you to the community of Winterton for their support over the last four year in helping us in our ongoing battle to beat blood cancers.

Four years ago when we set off on our incredible fundraising journey having just lost a friend to leukaemia we held a three day fundraising week at our school, Winterton Comprehensive School, with a small target of £500, never did we imagine that during those three days we would raise £2,500 and never did we imagine that four years later we would have reached the £50,000 milestone. I guess it just goes to show that with some hard work, commitment and imagination you really can achieve anything - no matter what your age is!

So here we are in July 2014 with just £2,500 to go until we hit that magical milestone. We wanted to get there by September before a cohort of our fundraising team begins to embark on the adventure of heading off to university. We still plan to continue running as we are - with emails Facebook and all the rest of it these days working together shouldn't be an issue at all! We intend to hit the milestone within the next four weeks - smashing that target of September and we really wanted to do something to capture the spirit of LLR to celebrate and say a big THANK YOU to all those that have supported over the last four years there will be a drinks reception at 7.00pm ready for a 7.30pm start. There will be talks from guest speakers both from within our branch and the wider community, as well as welcoming representatives from Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research to talk about the progress research is making along with information about the charity and the impact £50,000 will have.

Later on in the evening there will be a free buffet provided by the Butchers Arms Winterton and a disco to follow into the night, please do stay and celebrate with four fantastic years of hard work to help beat blood cancers!
We are really keen to share our story and experiences with Winterton and discover more about the impact that £50K will have to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research in our ongoing battle to beat blood cancers. Whilst it will be a very reflective evening we also want to address our future, where we are now and where we want to go, and give an insight into some of our exciting plans for the future.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event and we hope to see lots of faces that have been on our incredible journey over the last four years as a thank you to Winterton for their support over the last four year in helping us in our ongoing battle to beat blood cancers.



Congratulations to everyone involved, Danny - a tremendous achievement!

Absolutely loved your fundraising efforts and never cease to be amazed by the amount of effort and invention you put in to helping us beat blood cancer - you are an inspiration! Keep up the good work Danny and all the best as you push on towards what will inevitably be your next fundraising target - £100,000!

Thanks again, Danny, it's because of people like you and the rest of the Winterton Branch that I'm still here today.


Thank you for your kind words as ever Andy. £100,000 is certainly the next milestone for us and we hope to get there in the next three years!! 

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