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£50K Celebration Evening

Danny Redhead
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17 Aug 2014

A tremendously rewarding and inspiring evening for all in presence

Our £50K Celebration Evening was planned not as a fundraiser but as an awareness event and an evening to thank the community for their support and show that we are grateful for what people do for us. For me events like these are an absolute highlight of my role. Bringing together the community, of all ages and all backgrounds to celebrate the incredible achievements of a dedicated team fills me with pride. But also to stop for a minute and pause to say thank you to those that made it happen and reflect upon what we as a community have done is so incredibly rewarding.

The evening started with a series of speeches from within our branch where we told the story of how we started and where we are today. Each of the speakers did a fantastic job and really inspired the room with the journey that we have been on. The next part of the evening was one of the highlights for me. Unbeknown to the rest of the room I had nominated four members of our fundraising team to receive Princess Diana Awards - Rhiannon Sweeney and Jade Beard received theirs and Jacob Hammond and Charlotte Kirton who are on holiday will receive theirs at our Fashion show on 11th September. In addition to this Lawrence Grant who aged 20 is too old to receive a Diana Award was presented by the Lions District Governor with a certificate of appreciation. None of them had a clue and were all completely shocked but thoroughly deserving of the recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Further to this the team at head office helped me to create awards for the wider community who have supported our work and Cathy the CEO very kindly signed them. Again all a complete surprise I was thrilled for Emma and Chris to present Winterton Community Academy with the Outstanding Support from an Organisation award, Hannah Dunkerly (branch secretary) with the Outstanding Contribution to the Winterton and District Branch award, Don Johnson with the Outstanding Support to the Winterton & District Branch award, and Chris and Nicky Hutson with the Special Recognition for Outstanding Support award. All were completely shocked to be receiving the awards, particularly Don who we witnessed lost for words for the first ever time, and Hannah who thought she knew about the awards but found that there was one she didn't actually know about! We hope that the awards are something that we can repeat in the future.

Following the awards we were thrilled to hear from Bob Bridge the Mayor of Winterton who gave his thanks from the town for all we have done before Emma Jane Jones the Midlands Regional Manager followed to talk about the charity and the work it does, particularly focusing upon the midlands region. It was at this point when Chris Bunce the Director of Research took to the stage to give a broader insight into where research is today and how £50,000 will have a huge benefit in driving research forward.

We ended the first half of the evening with Luke West performing the Man in Red a song Luke wrote earlier in the year in response to the work that our fundraising team has done over the years in James’s honour. This was highly moving and a fantastic close to the first part of the evening. Following Luke’s performance in my closing remarks I proposed the challenge to the room of hitting our next milestone of £100,000 by the end of 2017 which generated a very positive response!

Following the speeches people had the chance to explore the exhibition to learn more about LLR whilst enjoying some buffet and a drink with other guests and learning about their experiences and connections with our work. A disco followed on into the evening as an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the last four years.

The room was filled with pride and fantastic conversations were generated around what people wanted to see happen and how they want things to drive forward from this point. It was a hugely successful evening and generated an even bigger desire within Winterton to help beat blood cancer!


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