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‘It’s cancer’ - a year ago today those two small words changed my world.

Charlie T
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17 Aug 2016

After months of tests I sat in front of my consultant and he uttered the two words never in a million years did I except hear...

At 33 I never thought I’d be told I had cancer. Cancer is something that happens to other people not to me a slightly workaholic, singleton loving life with my friends and family. But that was then.

A year on and things couldn’t be more different. I’m in remission, fit, healthy and back to being that slightly workaholic, singleton loving life. I’m not going to sugar coat it I went through hell to get here. 12 rounds of chemo over 6 months take its toll and your hair! I barely left the house for 6 months for fear of catching a bug which would overtake my very weak immune system. I missed celebrations with family and friends and had the worst Christmas of my life – except maybe the time I was about 10 and I had food poisoning and I was so unwell I didn’t even want to open my presents! But I survived.

I was determined when I got my diagnosis that it was only going to be a crappy 6 months while I had chemo, well 6 months turned into the best part of 12 months but for me this last year has been a blip. I didn’t want to get to my year diagnosis anniversary and not be able to say things have changed. I wanted to get to a year and say wow look how far I’ve come. And luckily I can!

I had to leave my job when I became ill but I’m back at work full time and in a job I absolutely love. It’s possible that had I not have become ill I wouldn’t be doing my dream job for the most amazing company. I wouldn’t have known that I look good rocking short hair – well so everyone tells me, I’m not convinced, I think they are just being nice :-) I’m back in the gym on nearly a daily basis, I’m eating all the foods I couldn't eat for so long, I’m dancing the night away to cheesy pop music with my girlies and I’m back to being Charlie, I’m not Charlie with cancer anymore.

When I was on the chemo treadmill I couldn’t see things being ‘normal’ ever again or that I would go back to work and be able to live my life again but they have. Being told you have the Big C is life changing but I’ve come out the other side stronger, determined and proud to say I’m part of this exclusive club. Now for my 6 month check up tomorrow – wish me luck!

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