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1 Month of Leukaemia

Rebecca J
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04 Jul 2014

Last night I realised that the 29th will mark a month of being in hospital. The time has flown by and I can’t quite fathom the thought that in 26 days I have only been outside into the fresh air once!
I have been kept entertained by peoples’ DVDs and books but haven’t watched as much as I expected as I am somehow always busy! The days were passing without me feeling like I had done anything actually productive despite doing things and seeing people all day!
So when people started to ask me how I spend my time I found I had no answer! I had to have a good think and came up with some main activities:
1. eating- they seem to offer tea every two hours and I settled happily into the routine of when breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner arrived! Like I said before the steroids make you appreciate food more so mealtimes became the highlight of the day!
2. taking tablets. I don’t know how I don’t rattle as I walk with the amount of little pills that go in!
3. showering (this took me an hour each day at first as I was being super cautious of my central line!)
4. talking. It was loooong drawn out discussions with doctors, me being overly talkative to nurses, separate people coming in to clean/change the bins, having visitors or the fact that a family member was always here at first.
5. watching DVDs. I have rekindled an old love for FRIENDS and finally seen Jane Eyre and Clueless! Jane Eyre was depressing but I loved Clueless- god bless 90s fashion!
6. tutoring. I had one week of being ill and then they put me straight in for an hour each week of History, Psychology and Human Biology. This has been challenging but useful and finally enjoyable as a year out of school would be sure to turn my brain to mush!

When my aunty comes we do a little pampering session where she files and paints my nails (I can’t tell which one of us enjoys it more haha!).

The only other events were having needles poked into my back and obviously having drips put up every so often. The whole experience blurs into one big day/week and I have no distinction between week and weekend- it muddles your brain for sure!

That is an accurate summary of how I have spent the last month just in case you were interested!



Hi Becca,

I felt exactly the same during my time in hospital. Time seemed to race by and I, too, couldn't think of anything to tell people when they asked me what I'd been doing all day. Hospital time is different to normal time I swear!

Not being able to go outside is tough but I used to get round that by thinking about all the things I was going to do when I got out and this acted as a real motivation.

I hope you're doing ok and thanks again for the update - we've got everything crossed for you that the treatment is a success and you get out soon.

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