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10 mile walk and reaching 50k!!

Hannah D
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11 Aug 2014

What an incredible 48 hours!!

I don't think I have ever checked the weather as much as I have over the past week! The showers turning into heavy rain, heavy rain turning into storms and storms trning to hurricanes! It all rested on what the weather was like when we woke up on Sunday morning, were we going to be walking in hurricances or simply cloudy weather. We were up and on bright and early on Sunday morning getting all our things ready with the weather looking like it was going to hold unitl....the rain came!! It got heavier and heavier as we travelled across to the other side of the bridge.

We set up camp in the car boot getting everyone signed in one by one as the others huddled together under the umbrellas! Once everyone had signed in we were off, in the rain up onto the Humber Bridge. It was raining but there was no wind meaning we could remain reltively dry (ish) with our umbrellas. As we reached the near side of the bridge the weather took a turn for the worse, not only heavy rain turning into torrential downpours but the wind picking up nearly pushing people into the barriers of the bridge and soaking everyone down the the bone!!

At this point we reached the underpath beneath the bridge where a vote was made as to whether we should wait for 10 minutes in the hope that the rain would ease off! It was at this point that the spirit of the group was recognised with everyone voting to just go ahead, push through the storm with many saying 'once we're wet, we're wet!' So we tied our waterproofs on as tight as we could and headed out on the 4 mile journey to South Ferriby (our halfway stop off point). We battled on through the wind and rain, up and down hills, intitally trying to dodge puddles and rivers flowing down towards us but then eventually giving up as our feet couln't get any wetter!

Everyone arrived at the Nelthorpe Arms in extremely high spirits for a hot drink or in some cases an alcoholic beverage!! After a well needed 30 minute stop and a change into dry Leukaemia t-shirts we set off for the final half of our challenge.

On the final 5 miles of the journey there were many laughs (mainly at me slipping over on the wet grass but at least it kept everyone else entertained) helping to keep moral up. As we approached the final couple of miles of the walk a few walkers including myself decided to pick up the pace to try and catch up with the leaders in the group. As we entered Winterton, with less than a mile to go to the finish the chasers took the tactical route crossing over the road to take the shorest route before putting on a sprint finish (literally) and arriving at the Butchers Arms soaking wet and in pain.

As everyone arrived back at the pub in groups looking drenched and exhausted to recieve their medals, not one person said they hadn't enjoyed the walk and were really pleased to have taken part.

Once everyone had dried off (slightly) and had had chance to get themselves a refreshing drink there was a very big announcement to be made....not only had we raised over £2000 but this also meant that we had reached our £50,000 goal!! I must say the look on everyones faces at that moment in time is one I will never forget. The achievement and sense of pride on everyones faces was incredible!! It really is amazing to see how a community can pull together to achieve such amazing things after such a terrible event. It proves good things really can come out of terrible heartbreak but one thing is certain, everthing we do is in memory of James and the incredible bravery he displayed!

Let's see if we can reach our next target of £100,000 in the near future helping us to beat blood cancers!!

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