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100 Days to go

Kevin Hill
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08 Jun 2015

When I started on these blogs I had 250 days to go before L2P and set myself a target of 2500 miles training before that day. So now we're down to 100 days (alright 101) and this weekend I tripped past 2000 miles, a big milestone [excuse the pun]

Now I know that it's not the number but the quality of those miles and it's true the early ones were on the turbo trainer as being a wimp it was far to cold to go out on the road. But those miles were the buiding blocks and now I'm on the road they are paying dividends, well I think so anyway. I've had a few days when I just feel that I've come to the end of what I can do, but fingers crossed I've never climbed off the bike or walked up a hill. True I've not tried everest but hopefully that's not on the itinery.

So I guess I'm feeling not to bad, brave or stupid words?. Still wondering if I've bitten off more than I can chew but the rides get longer and now doing some back to back so remain hopefull.

A tech wizard at work has managed to set up an electronic countdown on our "welcome" board so every time I go past now I can see that number going down, ain't friends great. It has however prompted some promises of sponsorship so may be good news.

Six hour fundraiser at the end of the month followed by Birmingham 5 days later and solitary miles in between.

Good luck to all fellow L2P riders and hope your training is going well also.


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