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100 Pounds for 5 blog posts

Sandy M
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21 Jan 2015

A challenge accepted

Knowing all too well my aversion to all things technical and IT related by colleague Shawn Lee has generously offered to donate 100 GBP if I can make 5 posts on 5 separate days.  So I am sorry for the rest of you but again I take to my blog to make another post. 
Training is temporarily suspended as snow threatens at any moment here in Switzerland.  As a result the best I can do is a spinning bike in my basement to try and shave of the pesky 2 kgs that have thrown me over 100 kgs mark on the weight scales.  Mainly thanks to a great Christmas in Scotland and lack of training since October.
It goes without saying that getting some cash together to tackle L&L should be all the incentive I need.  However, personal vanity is another driver to get me to the finish line in Paris in September, I would dearly love to think I can get below 90 kgs for the first time in 10 years!  That and lycra cycling shorts, not doing very much for personal esteem.  Add to the fact that living in Switzerland where the population is primarily outdoor junkies there is not much clothing in sizes with an X involved, here the cyclist all seem to look like they can summit an Alpine pass, no bother. 
Charity and weight loss are my motivations, as well as writing 4 more posts, to get 100 quid.



Great blog Sandy - I look forward to reading the next four! I have to say that despite yoru technology aversions this has got to be the easiest £100 you'll ever make!!!!

Sounds like you've got some excellent motivations to keep yourself going. If you need any help with either we're here to help in any way that we can. Being snowed in I think is a very good excuse not to get out on your bike and spinning is a great low impact alternative in the meantime.

Keep up the good work and thanks so much for all your support,


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