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10th March, a date for your diary...

Kate A Keightley
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29 Nov 2014

From our discussions with nurses, focus group sessions, and survey analysis, you've told us that one way that you'd find it useful for us to support you to support your patients is to provide opportunities to share experiences and best practice between you and your peers across the country. We've taken this on board, and rather than put on a traditional study day, we've been working closely with our Nurses Network Working Group to put together a really exciting agenda for our inaugural Shared Learning Conference

The objectives of the day are to:

- increase the effectiveness of communication in patient care, particularly in difficult or uncomfortable situations

- increase the sharing of best practise amongst nurses caring for patients affected by blood cancer 

- increase the opportunity for nurses to learn from the experiences of colleagues alternative ways to support patients

- increase awareness amongst nurses of the importance of looking after themselves

We have lined up some fantastic speakers and facilitators in order meet these objectives and to make the day interactive, engaging and effective and to provide really practical support with your everyday roles.  

Download the draft agenda here for more information.

The event will be held at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, so you'll have the opportunity to wander round the gallery afterwards.

If you would like to book a place, or have any questions at all, just let me know on kkeightley@bloodwise.org.uk.


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