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12 Members of the Same Family Run Manchester Together

Dom G
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25 May 2013

Afternoon all

Lovely sunny day in Manchester ahead of tomorrow's Great Manchester Run, a 40,000-strong yomp around the best city in the world.  I was last here just under a month ago, when I finished the Greater Manchester Marathon in 3 hrs 31 mins.  Through the London and Manchester Marathons, another £4500 came in for the Leading Light Campaign.  We're hoping to raise at least another £1000 tomorrow.  Here's why:

11 members of my family have decided to come together and run this race for LLR to support this campaign.  6 cousins, my brother, my sister, my mum and dad.  We are all different shapes and sizes and some of my cousins would never have considered doing something like this, but say they've been inspired by seeing my run over the past few years and wanted to help.  That really does mean the world to me.  We're fundraising together too and, thanks in part to Grandad weighing in with a big chunk to kick us off, we're nearly at 70%.

For my family to do this means the world to me.  I know they well will be great and they're going to be so proud to pull on the LLR jersey tomorrow.  They know what an incredible difference this charity and the people who are part of this mission to beat blood cancer has made in my life, and they want to be part of that too. 

You can sponsor them at

I'm chuffed they'll be joined by Barry Blears, Steven's brother, who is dusting off his running shoes after completing the London Marathon - his first - 5 weeks ago. 

I'm gutted that I can't do this race myself.  I got a nasty infection in my toe after the double marathon that spread up my leg and put me in hospital - I'm still trying to shake it off.  Injury and personal commitments mean I can't line up with them, but I'll be there with them in spirit as a whole new group of people join the fight to beat blood cancer. 

Have a great weekend and tune in to see how they do on BBC 2.





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