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12 Weeks To Go

Elanor W
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08 Mar 2015

With 12 weeks to go and the weather becoming more tolerable, the training has begun!

(Written by Richard)

On 31st May, Elanor and Richard are running the Edinburgh Half Marathon in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

Every saturday morning across the country, tens of thousands of people take park in Parkrun events: free timed 5km routes in parks and other public areas. I've been signed up for some time, but never quite managed to get up early enough to get to one. Now with motivation for training, and keen for experience of running in a large group, I have completed three consecutive ones in Aberdeen (a nice run down the seafront and back). Last week Elanor and I both did the Parkrun and both smashed our personal best 5km times (30:27 and 20:08 respectively). It's only a quarter of the Half Marathon, but it's a good start. On a longer run last week, as I passed the one hour mark, I realised quite how far 13 miles is to run - but we will manage it.

It became even more official on Thursday when my running t-shirt arrived in the post (see photo). We'll certainly stand out at the event! The sponshorship we've received so far is great - thank you to everyone, it means a lot - but if anyone else feels they would like to support us (and, more importantly, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research), we will be very grateful!

Check out our fundraising page here.



Hi Richard,

Thanks for the update! Great to hear that the training is beginning to take shape. 30 minutes is a highly respectable time while 20 minutes is rapid for 5k - who ran that?!!!

13 miles is considerably longer, as you say, (another 16k to be exact) but this is a good start and you've still got plenty of time to get yourselves fit in time for Edinburgh. I hope you like the running jerseys and look forward to seeing photos of you out in them in future blogs. Do feel free to share you blog and in our Facebook running group which we've just set up: https://www.facebook.com/groups/unstoppablerunningteam/

Thanks again for the update and good luck with all your training!


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your message. The 20 minute 5km was mine - but the half marathon pace will definitely be slower! We're excited for Edinburgh and making the most of the longer evenings to get out and about. Further blog updates will be on their way soon.