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2 Days Left

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29 Aug 2014

I've run out of training time!

Yes, the London Bikeathon 2014 is now only two days away The bike is still in order, albeit slightly creaky, I have two spare inner tubes, a repair kit I still have no idea how to use, and a mini-pump that fits both my tyres and Nicki’s. The nice man in Halfords looked at the latter doubtfully and said “that’s really for emergency use only – it takes forever to fill a tyre with that”. Hm, let’s hope we don’t get any punctures.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to fit in any long distance rides since my last blog, only shorter ones of under 10 miles. I was planning a nice long ride round (and round) Richmond Park on Bank Holiday Monday, but of course the rain put paid to that. So, I go into this 26 miler on Sunday, never having managed that distance. The longest having been the 18 miles I did several weeks ago. On a different bike.

I did ride 4 miles round the block this evening, and I shall do so again on Saturday. Then it'll be an early night for a 6am alarm call, and on to the first train into London at 7.25. At least the weather looks reasonable for Sunday, if a bit chilly first thing in the morning.

Now to sort out what I'm wearing. The LLR t-shirt is fine; the cycling jersey is nicer, but being tight, it is rather unflattering on the "fuller figure". Hence no pictures of me wearing it. Along with the tight padded shorts I will be carrying considerably more than two spare tyres!

Well, that's it. My next blog will be from the other side. If you're there, and happen to see rider number 836 looking exhausted (at the start), give me a wave. Do excuse me if I don't wave back, but I'd probably fall off!

If you're moved by my commitment to beating blood cancer by riding 26 miles around London, please donate on my page.