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2 weeks to go!!!

Angus S
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27 May 2014

£920 raised already, 1 training crash, and bad tan lines...

Hello all, first of all a huge thank you to everyone who has already made a donation, within 48 hours my fundraising page had already reached more than £800 but I set an ambitious target of £5000 so more is needed! The response has really amazed me with so many people coming forward and not only giving generously but also with a story of how they too had been affected in some way by cancer, that's why this is so important.
The motivation to train has been high despite hitting the deck hard the very next day after I sent out my original plea, after 80km in torrential rain I was tired, cold and not paying attention as I rode through a harmless looking puddle which concealed a gnarly mess of deep potholes and cobbles and general nastiness... Two smashed rims and a ripped up elbow and hand and hip resulted, a lovely man stopped and took pity on me and ran me the 2km home. All is well though and I've been out a few times since then and have not lost any real training time. See pic of artful bandages applied by nurse amoré (Chiara).

In between changing dressings and fixing wheels and getting in the miles I have also collected 10 names of loved ones lost from people who have asked me to add them to the ones already on my bike, see pic for how the top of my bike is looking now and who I'll have with me when I start the ride on June 10th. Please if there's anyone you'd like me to add to these names then don't hesitate, make a donation and let me know, I'll find some spare inches of carbon fibre to carry them with me.

So again thank you to all who have donated, I am hugely motivated and inspired by all of you, for anyone else interested the link is below.

Bom dia from Portugal. x Angus



Hi Angus,

Thanks for the update. Sounds like the fundraising is going really, really well so far - keep up the good work! 

If you're picture is anything to go by it looks like it was some fall! Glad that there's no lasting damage though and that you're back out on the bike but watch out for those potholes as you never know where they might be lurking!

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