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2 years since diagnosis

Alison Park
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18 Apr 2015

Getting my life back

When you start the journey you don't know where it will lead. 12th of April 2013 turned my world upside down, I found myself being rushed to hospital in the back of an ambulance with a diagnosis of ALL when I got there. So, 2 years on, here I am feeling great. I have an odd little grumble with some gvhd but nothing that's too troubling. I've just had an intrathecal chemo and only have 2 more to go until they're finished. I've just had a wonderful city break with my family to Amsterdam and we are going to Florida in the summer ( the holiday we had to cancel when I was rushed in). Life is just about back to normal. I know it will never be totally over as you always live with the little bit of fear that it might return but I'm forgetting about it more than I'm thinking about it now. My hair has grown back glossy and healthy although it still has a bit of a curl to it now which it never did before! The 2 years seem to have gone in really quickly. My professor told me he'd need 2 years to make me feel like myself again and he was right. 

For all of you out there feeling a bit down and rubbish, it does change, little by little and you don't notice most of it but it does get better and you will feel normal again. Try to take every day as it comes and not think of the things that have passed, you can't change them so it's wasted energy. Use your energy for that days fight. Good luck and keep going. X


Kjell Eldor

Hi Alison,

Thank you for sharing your story and words of strength.

Very glad to hear you are feeling yourself again. Curls are totally in too :).

Enjoy your Folrida trip!

Kjell - LLR, Digital Team



Hi Alison,

Thanks for the post.

I was very suddenly diagnosed with ALL in Nov 2013. Following 6 months of Chemo, I am now 12 months post transplant with some niggling GVHD.

I have just returned to work on a part-time basis, and feeling better in myself, so life for me is slowly getting back to normal. Your post is reassurance to stay positive at all times.