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20 mile training ride

rich Castle
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01 Apr 2014

Well, as I said in an earlier post, I would be extending the mileage and tackling more gradients in preperation for the 52 mile course in this years London Bikeathon.

Yesterday (Sunday) I took to the roads of Southwest London and completed 20 miles, pedaling from my home, through Mitcham, tooting, Wandsworth, Roehampton, Wimbledon, Morden, through Carshalton and then back home. The whole ride was mapped on I-map my ride

For those who have used this app, you will know that they have league 'tables' for times reached on courses. On my ride I won points in the Parkside South (Wimbledon) blitz, Garrett Lane (Wandsworth) Pumper and the West Hill (Roehampton) climb. You may say that this is good until I discovered it was in the womens section!!!! I am now up there as a sprint queen!!! Now, for any of you that really know me, I am a bloke. On checking my profile, I realised that I hadnt put the correct gender in. This has now been changed to reflect my true gender. That will teach me to be a little more familier with profile settings!

It was really enjoyable, and although the legs were a little tired, I was still able to walk the dog afterwards, followed by a nice evening curry with my partner Lynda.

Onwards and upwards





Good work Rich! You're putting my rather feeble lack of activity on the training front to shame. Keep blogging with your updates as it'll give me the kick up the backside I need to get on my bike and out on the road!

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