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20 months on....

Clare B
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23 Jan 2017

20 months in remission, Hodgkin lymphoma is still very much at the forefront of my mind but life is getting easier

So I'm fast approaching the 2 year in remission marker. Just been for my routine 4 monthly check up with my consultant. Bloods are normal and I'm asked about the usual 'hodge' symptoms to which I can say none. Apart from the fatigue.....urgh that one still hits me sometimes, but I'm reassured that it's normal to still feel it sometimes. Lymph nodes prodded and all felt to be behaving themselves. 

'One more check up in 4 months then I'll be putting you down to 6 monthly checks' my consultant tells me. 

You see apparently after 2 years my chance of relapse is hugely reduced and I go back to having as much chance as Jo Public of getting Hodgkins Lymphoma.

But *I was* Jo Public who got lymphoma in the first place!!!! I can't find any comfort in stats and it does make me feel a little anxious all over again knowing that I won't be checked as often.

It's purely psychological because I know I can ring my specialist nurse at any time  (Faith and Cath are both outstanding) but it gets me just the same.


A huge blow came in hearing that a girl who had treatment at the same time as me died last week. I followed her Hodge story online and shared advice along with others. It felt like a friend had been taken even though I never met her, so much had been shared. At least now she's at peace and her body no longer subjected to the harsh treatments. Hope your family are finding peace too Elena.


After effects of cancer are probably harder to deal with than the beast itself. Every minor ailment comes with a devilish nag attached to it ( what if it's back?)

That's not to say I'm living life a nervous wreck  curled in the corner, far from it! Life goes on, family and work life keep you distracted. I enjoy long walks, swimming and the occasional bike ride to keep my fitness up.

My hair is now grown back to my shoulders and stylable ( a little curly but nothing GHDs can't sort out)

I feel positive about life and can talk about my experience with a lot more ease. If it comes back, God forbid, then I'll have to deal with that too.

For now I'm happy to say I'm very much a good statistic adding to the pot x



Hi Clare, thanks so much for sharing this. It's completely understandable that the idea of not having routine check ups as often brings on some anxieties, but I'm so glad that you're feeling positive about life and that things are getting easier for you. I'm sorry to hear about your friend Ellen, this must have been so tough. Thank you again for sharing this, blogs such as yours can go such a long way in letting people going through similar situations know that they're not alone. Also, love the photos, they're really lovely! I wish you all the very best, Alice



That's fantastic news on your 20 months in remission Clare.

I was 8 years in remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma on 22nd January. 

We can do it.

George x


Fantastic news Claire! I remember reading your posts on a support website in 2015.   I'm also pleased to be in remission and take a lot of encouragement from you, hitting the 2 year mark, so keep posting!!! 



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