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200 days to go !?!

Kevin Hill
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28 Feb 2015

So here we are end of February and only 200 days to go till the big ride out.

Still the road beckons but rain sleet and snow suggest a quick cuppa is favourite, so still riding the trainer and racking up some miles, just hope that this all translates to something when I do manage to get out there.

This is particularly so at present as this week I took the plunge and bought a new bike, much to my wife Anthea's chagrin. My original intention was to ride my trusty Dawes hybrid but the longer I was on the bike the more my wrists and hands ached as there is very little room to adjust your position so needed to do something about it.

Started looking at "proper" road bikes but then came across an advert for a complete handlebar and shifter set which a gut was selling as moving from drops to flats, so thought perhaps this is the way and save some money. All set up and worked but the geometry of the hybrid didn't suit the drops so time to think again. Carried on looking and driving Anthea mad as constantly on the computer looking at and comparing bikes then moaning as the bike I had seen on offer had now gone whilst I looked into it or dallied over the decision. So now for everyones sanity, but mainly Antheas, I've sealed the deal and picked up my new pride and joy which is sat in the living room looking shiny and new whilst the rain falls outside.

Of course this isn't the end as it comes with different peddles and cleats to the ones  I'm using so more hours of joy [for me] and pain [for Anthea] whilst I do more research on which way forward is best and then what shoes to buy if I do change. Oh and of course I know get to spend more time setting up the new bike, I think I may see divorce in my future if I don't get sorted soon.

So it's back to the trainer, after the rugby, for more hours of fun. I did do over 100 miles last week in two sessions and still walked straight so something is going right I guess.

Looking forward to May when I get to do extended runs at Vrynwy on both Saturday and Sunday follwed by the training session in Daventry the following week so a real good test of where I am and also the chance to meet some fellow riders as solo riding is ok but having someone to chat with and compare fitness etc will be great.

So that's February over, lets hope March is an improvement but weather forecast showing snow arriving is not great news!  

Good luck to all fellow riders with your training and hopefuly see some of you soon.




Your dedication to the cause is impressive Kevin and the investment in a road bike will be well worth it once you get used to the bike and optimise it to make it work best for you. The Vrynwy rides will, as you say, be a good test of where you are. Keep up the good work and good luck with all the fundraising, too, how's that coming along?