Brian and Izzy
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2015 - The Ride

Brian and Izzy
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18 Aug 2015

Fantastic day!  Great course and after a chilly start a perfect cycling weather.

In fact think the course was the best yet despite the 2 hills in Richmond Park which nearly did for me.

No problem for Matt and Aly.  Matt’s fitness this year made him the easy Numb Bums King of the Mountain.  Our new team member, Aly, was a close 2nd having moaned for weeks that she wasn’t up to the ride.

My highlight was cycling the last 5 miles with Isabel.  

Isabel started last Tuesday from San Fran, then, LA then Auckland NZ, then Christchurch + 1 more then Christchurch, Sydney, Singapore arriving LHR 6:22 this morning but determined not to miss the London Bikeathon so we made a small diversion to Battersea Park so she could join us at Battersea Park for the last 5 miles.

Thanks to the LLR team for a great day.

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