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2016 is going to be a great year !!!

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10 Jan 2016

Part 2

Hello Everyone,

Well here's the update as promised. 

Transplant went well on the 6th January with no side effects apart from the hot flushes I have been experiencing for the first time in my life ! I have been told this is due to the cyclosporine (an anti rejection drug) which I am taking. 

Since the transplant I have been looked after on the day unit in Bart's which is only a two minute walk from the hospital hostel, which I am staying in. The accommodation is comfortable with your own en suite, television and tea and coffee provided. The hostel has it's own day room attached to the kitchen, where you can make your own meals. Make sure you clean up afterwards or you'll have the housekeeper after you !!!

The rooms are cleaned each day and the staff are great !

One thing have experience so far that never happened before is that I cannot get the donor out of my head. By that I mean her thoughts and feelings as she knew that I was being infused with her cells 24 hours after giving them. 

That reminds me that even though the donor and receipetent information remains confidential, I have been advised that after one year you can communicate via a card or letter either way, this is done via Anthony Nolan International. After two years you can meet up providing both parties agree . 

That's me for a couple of days when I'll update again.

Regards All




Garrie thank you so much for the update!

It sounds like everything's going really well so far and that you've settled in to your new surroundings really well. They didn't have kitchen facitilies when I had my transplant which is probably just as well as I wasn't much of a cook back then! Have they given you much guidance on what meals you can and can't eat - I remember there being some pretty strict restrictions placed on what I could eat whilst I was neutropenic.

I, too, thought about my donor a lot and still do. We exchanged a few letters but he wished to remain anonymous so I've only got bits of information about him including the fact that, unbelievably, he was called up to do it for a second time just a year after my transplant.

Some tough and slightly nerve wracking times lie ahead whilst you wait to see whether the stem cells have taken or not. Try not to worry too much about that (much easier said than done) and remember that whilst there are plenty of ups and downs to come, you will slowly but surely get yourself better.

Stay in touch and remember that we're all rooting for you and are here to help in any way that we can should you wish for any additional support or information. 


Wow! That is brilliant news. Andy had updated me. Your transplant is in some ways easier than mine was. No donor for me, so my own stem cells harvested, then transplanted 3 months later, and a few weeks in solitary confinement, but worth it in the end.

I hope your recovery from now on is as straightforward as possible. I would just say that it will be a slow recovery, so patience is required.

Best wishes

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