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2017 Ambassador Plans

Andy Jackson
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13 Dec 2014

Find out more about our plans for the Ambassador programme in 2017 including your very own area of the website and a possible Ambassador Awareness Roadshow...

2016 was a fantastic first year for the Ambassador programme in which you achieved so, so much! The challenge next year is to build on the momentum and brilliant work that we've already done and we've had a number of ideas on ways that we can grow and achieve even more in 2017.

Lot's of next year's plans still require a lot of work but here's a taste of some of things to look out for next year:

1. Training sessions

We're mindful of the fact that we ask a lot of you in your roles as Ambassadors which are challenging in many ways. To help support you more next year we're going to provide some proper training to put you in the best possible position to be able to go out and continue doing the brilliant work that you're doing.

Final dates are yet to be finalised but we're going to run three training sessions here at our Head Office in consecutive weeks in February and early March. The sessions will feature all aspects of the Ambassador role from public speaking right through to tips and information on how to talk to people about the research that we're funding and engaging with patients online.

We're mindful that for many of you attending a session in London may not be possible so we will be recording each of the sessions and sharing it with all those that can't make it.

For more information to and to register your initial interest please contact Kate at

2. Recruitment of additional Ambassdors

Next year we're looking to recruit an additional 80 Ambassadors to take us up to 200 in total. Our focus will be on recruiting in regions and blood cancer types where we're currently a little short of Ambassadors and we're going to be working closely with our regional teams and nursing contacts to find people to approach. However we also need your help...

If you know of any other patients or people affected by blood cancer that you feel would be good Ambassadors do get in touch. My email is

3. Creation of an Ambassador area of the website

We're going to create an area of the website just for you. Initially this will be a handy place for you to find useful resources, find the most relevant Bloodwise staff member and find out more about ways that you can get involved. Later in the year we want to expand the section of the site to incorporate things like your own blogs, updates and ideas so watch this space!

4. Helping us get our blood cancer information out to patients across the UK

We want our patient information to be available to blood cancer patients in every part of the UK and have set ourselves the challenge of having our patient information available in every single hospital by 2020.

We're still in the early stages of how best to do this but you will be at the centre of our efforts and ideas so far include a UK wide Bloodwise Ambassador roadshow, the creation of an interactive map where we can plot progress and mark off hospitals as and when we reach them and establishing contacts at hospitals who can then keep the hospital(s) stocked up with our information.

For more information and to express your interest in getting more involved in helping with this project email Alice at

 5. Taking on a fundraising target

In light of all your incredible fundraising efforts over the course of 2016 we're going to set up an Ambassador's Just Giving page with a fundraising target for us to concentrate our combined efforts towards in 2017.

By having a target we're hoping it will help keep everyone motivated and will help us appreciate just how much of a difference we can make when we work together over the course of a year.

Alongside the JustGiving page we'll be looking to organise Ambassador teams at Bloodwise events for those that are interested. We'll also be showcasing all your achievements, ideas and upcoming fundraising events in a special feature in the monthly newsletter.

6. Greater regional opportunities

Next year we're going to be offering more opportunities local to you for you to get involved as we're mindful that many have been London based in 2016.

We'll be working closely with our regional teams to find and provide more opportunities local to you and we're also looking at ways that we can link you up more closely with your local fundraising branches.

We'll have much more on this in due course, however in the meantime it's well worth taking a look at our significant dates blog which has some of the key events to look out for.

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