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Laura Pickering

The 24 key patient need areas

Laura Pickering
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Laura Pickering
24 Apr 2015

In our first phase of research, our Patient Need study has highlighted 24 key issues faced by patients across their experiences with blood cancer. They traverse the different stages of the patient experience: from initial awareness to diagnosis, right through to post-treatment and, for some, end of life care.

  1. Blood cancer awareness
  2. The biggest killers
  3. Early deaths
  4. Pre-malignant conditions
  5. Diagnosis
  6. Relationship with medical profession
  7. Role of the GP
  8. Clinical Nurse Specialists
  9. Information and advice
  10. Peer-to-peer support
  11. Empowering patients
  12. Blood cancers are different
  13. Role of carers
  14. Support for others
  15. Psychological support
  16. Apparent lack of provision
  17. Watch and wait
  18. Access to new drugs and treatment
  19. Age and ageing
  20. Clinical trials
  21. Socio-economic factors
  22. Reducing secondary cancers
  23. Maintaining remission
  24. Post treatment

If we are to truly beat blood cancers, we need to understand all of these 24 issues from the patient perspective, and tackle them collaboratively across the blood cancer community.We’ve used this evidence to identify six priority areas we want to focus on now to enable short, medium and long-term benefits for patients.

Find out more about the six key areas of patient need.