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2.5 days until go time!

Angus S
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07 Jun 2014

FUNDRAISING! The return to London, polishing wheels, collecting names and progressive streamlining.

Well here I sit with less than 48 hours until myself and one of my fellow Honey Badger Crew team mates board the plane bound for Geneva, the bike has alredy left on it's journey to the shores of Lake Geneva with the dozens of other steeds that will hopefull carry us relatively troublefree over the alps. I had a bit of a mad rush after returning from my stay in Porto with amoré Chiara, the rush was mostly to get the bike totally stripped and lubed and serviced and spruced up with new wheels and ready for transportation to Geneva with the other bikes. The time out in Portugal was great if a little short and rushed, I got some good miles in and even a crash! Best of all I dropped even more weight off the body slimming down to a featherweight (for me) 68.3kg or 10.7stone or 150ibs the crash had no lasting effects and  made for some good scabs to pick, only problem was having to train on a set of wheels that really shoud have been in a rubbish bin! As it was I struggled through and got in some good days of stomping up the climbs that are in abundance among the hills along the Douro river, the body has totally healed and the confidence is intact.

Fundraising has really been the highlight though, I have been truly amazed by the generosity of people, I have now reached £2131 which is purely from private donors, emailing family, friends and colleagues, I was unable to find a corporate sponsor and in fact am happy I've had the experience of raising funds this way as it really has been quite incredible one. I have a feeling there's more where that came from though and there's still time to donate if you're thinking about it or waiting for some reason, I haven't started the real work yet and I'll keep the updates coming!

Lastly the process of removing the drag inducing hair from my head and face went through phase 1, I call this streamlining and drag reduction, the beard will be next, sorry baby, I know this is not in keeping with the policy of 'shaved legs = hairy face' but this is ALL ABOUT PERFORMANCE

Thanks to all my sponsors, you are amazing, this has been amazing and the ride hasn't even started!





Nice one, bro - looking good!


Gus, I'm in awe and frankly a bit jealous about what you're about to jet off and do. All the best and well done on the fundraising - you've done incredibly well and your efforts will make an enormous difference to the lives of blood cancer patients. Keep us updated and all the best. Go team Fireflies!

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