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25 miles done!

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14 Mar 2014

It's week 2 of my training and the weather turned in my favour. No more wind or rain, just wall to wall sunshine!

Having set the bike up last week and found the Garmin to be only accessible in Spanish my trusty helper had this week managed to get it up and running in good old fashioned English. Excellent you might say however, I couldn’t read the thing without my glasses and I can hardly wear reading glasses on a bike ride. So it was only at the end of the ride I learnt I done 2hrs, ridden 25 miles and burnt 2000 calories!! That will be down to the hills we encountered on route as well as the mad car driver who thought we had held him up so proceeded to wheel spin away in a fit of anger!

All in all a good session, double last week’s miles and well on the way to the 70mile daily ride I will need to be well versed in.

It’s starting to feel a little less daunting. 

Danny b

Danny Breithaupt is the Managing Director of The Restaurant Group's Leisure Division, and will be taking on our London | Paris: Be Unstoppable cycling challenge in June 2014 to raise money to help beat blood cancer.



Go Danny Go,!we have every faith in you completing the London/Paris cycling challenge good Luck!

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