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2nd Outing.....9th August 2014

Emma W
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10 Aug 2014

Concious the race is just over a month away.......

After a short hill climb practice in the week, and a lovely bruise on my calf, I managed to convince my husband to come out with me again.

I had set myself a target of doing more than my first ride and if I could to do 20 miles......it was a great afternoon for biking albeit a little windy!

We set off with one location in mind and after getting up the hills in my saddle, not quite got enough confidence to come out yet, I was quite pleased with myself, we stopped around halfway for refreshments and then got back in the saddle not knowing exactly where we would end up, or how much we would climb......eventually we hit the Six Ashes Crossroads which I was amazed we had reached and we turned around and made our way back.

Whilst the hills getting there were tough, the enjoyment of going down them on the way back was great! Mentally I was getting cheesed off with the toe clips as for some reason the more I tried to get my right foot in, the more difficult it became and I got more frustrated, so the last two miles were done with a fair bit of Grrrr....made it back home in one piece and the heavens opened...

We had done 22.14 miles with an av speed of 11.54mph, 846ft Gain, in just under 2 hours, not bad considering I have been out of action for six months this year and only just getting back into it!

Next weeks targets are to build up my strength and hill climbing locally and to cycle to Bridgnorth and back which should be 26 +miles.....I can feel the Costa calling......till next time

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