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3 months in..

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04 Jun 2015

So after 6 sessions of chemo – 3months later – we had a mid-way review – the chemo was working but the caner was still there – this meant definitely another 3 months of chemo and then it would be decided if radiotherapy was needed. So off we went on round 2….during this time St.John became increasingly anxious about going into hospital for his chemo – so he was admitted on the Monday night and was given a sedative to calm him down ready for chemo on the Tuesday – on the plus side he still had his hair – just – although how much longer this would last was unsure as it was starting to think massively. So our weeks now consisted of – hospital Monday night, chemo Tues, Tuesday night/Wed being sick, Thursday & Friday back at work – Monday hospital to have pic line flush then back to work all week.
There were many ups and downs through chemo – to me he was still St.John he still annoyed me – others didn’t know how to react – especially when he lost EVERY bit of hair – please do ask – I would much rather people ask questions than avoid the situation – or what I used to hate the most was the pitying glances – probably made worse as we were due to marry – “In sickness and in Health – Till death do us part”. I had thought about these words time and time again – but nothing was going to stop me marrying him regardless of the outcome!
One thing that annoyed St.John was not rallying – he is a car fanatic and owns his own rally car! He decided to stop doing it whilst ill and gave the reins over to other people – he still loved to watch and help fix it when it was broken – but I could he was dying to get back in it!

Picture is taken on a night out - 3 montsh into Chemo - you can see the hair is thinning!



It's fantastic that you were so supportive through his treatment, Vicky. As you allude to in the blog many friends and family members aren't quite sure how to react when a loved one is diagnosed. As someone who's been there, too, he will have really appreciated you being able to be normal with him. 

Did the doctors recommend he shaved his head at any point? That's what they did with me as they said it would be better than it falling out in clumps.


Oh thanks  Andy  - I was very aware that he was ill - but he was still St.John to me!! it fell out not long after this picture was taken in clumps so he shaved it off then!