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38 Mile Milestone!

Robert F
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07 Jul 2014

My first major outing on my new bike - a rollercoaster of a ride.


Setting out at 12pm Sunday afternoon, I drove to Bromsgrove with the intention of doing a short blast on my bike around the much fabled Lickey Hills. Thinkinig it'd be the perfect location to do some hill training....

I forgot to take into account one major obstacle - My sense of direction. What would of been a short 10 mile ride up and down various gradients in the lovely Worcestershire Countryside turned out to be a terrifying trip down gravel slipways, the hellish A38, various dual carriageways and through the wonderful wind and rain on a battle hardened raod bike.

To add a little context to this post, I've done very little road cycling, in the past opting to stick to canal paths on my smooth mountain bike so to tackle something like the A38 on a road bike, which I've barely clocked 50 miles on was pretty daunting!

So we set out, starting with a slow 2 mile uphill climb on some rough roads we soon came across an unexpected roundabout, noticing the first exit was to the M5 (BAD IDEA) we took the next exit, approaching a large downhill slipway, naturally you would ramp up the gears and speed up, which is exactly what we did - Only to realise halfway down the whole road ahead had been covered in gravel! Queue slamming on brakes! Slowing down to a safe pace and turning onto a country lane... we came to the conclusion...we were lost. And there was no way in hell we would turn back and go uphill on gravel. So we plodded on, eventually arriving at another roundabout and a sign pointing towards Worcester our eyes lit up - perfect! A nice amble ride down the roads towards lovely sunny Worcester, back to where we spent our Uni years! Lovely jubbly.

After joining the A38 we soon realised that this ride will be anything but smooth. The road surface was relentlessly rough, shaking every single bone in your body - not our idea of a nice amble! The roads were so rough my bicycle bell actually unscrewed itself and my bike computer displayed a simple 'Key'. Hmmm.

Still we battled on and eventually the roads smoothed out (A little) and we made it to lovely sunny Worcester! Now to tackle the journey back......



That explains why we had NO milk to come back to then after our holiday! We'll let you off this time! X


How far did you end up riding Robert?! You're a braver man than me giving that a go that's for sure! Hope you got back in one piece and that the fundraising is going well? Keep up the good work!

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