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4 weeks to go!

Chris R
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14 Jul 2014

Only 4 weeks until the ride, here's what's been happening recently and the plan for the ride itself.

Training so far:

It was October last year when I first thought of this idea and committed myself to it. I hadn’t ridden a bike for about 15 years or so and realised pretty soon that it would be a huge challenge. I bought a Specialized Secteur, some clothes and gear and got out on the road. My first ride was 9.2 miles, I pushed like crazy and then could hardly walk for a week! I knew at the time that I wasn’t in great shape, but didn’t realise quite how bad! I bought a turbo trainer that saw me through the worst of the wet winter weather and then started increasing the mileage this year. All was going really well until knee problems forced me off the bike for 3 weeks in June, just as I was starting to really get the mileage up. A full bike fit with some fairly major adjustments helped, but in all I lost about 800 miles or so of training with 3 weeks off the bike and then 3 very gentle weeks to get back into it. I’ve now bought my Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra which is fantastic (and has just helped me cut more than a minute from my Cheddar Gorge PB) and I’m back into some good training and building the miles back up again. I should have done about 3000 miles of training by the time I start the ride which isn’t a bad effort when I’ve also managed to fit in about 60 hours a week at work and some time for the family!


The Ride itself:

I’m riding approximately 1100 miles, through 6 countries over 14 days. The ride starts in Graz, Austria on Monday 11th August and will finish in Melbury Osmond, Dorset on Sunday 24th August. I’ll ride across Austria, through Germany, Luxembourg, a bit of Belgium, France and England along the way. The only bit I can’t ride is the channel tunnel. For the first week I’ll be supported by my sister Emma and her boyfriend James who will be driving on ahead of me with all my kit and supplies. We’ll meet up for lunch half way each day and then again later in the day at our overnight hotel stop. For the second week Emma and James will fly home and I’ll be joined by my wife Hannah, my two kids Finlay and Imogen and my mum Carole. They’ll accompany me in a motor home, driving on ahead with all my kit and supplies and like the first week we’ll meet up for lunch each day and then again later in the day for our overnight stop.



I’ve set up a Facebook page and a just giving page . With the help of my wife, mum and two sisters we’ve organised a Bingo night tonight, stalls at local Fete’s and a grand prize draw with £150 top prize. The winner of the draw will be announced at the Lowland Games, Muchelney on the 27th July. The Lowland Games is a great day out for all the family, maybe we'll see some of you there? Those events should help get the pot up towards my £5000 target. The company to which I am currently contracting have also pledged to make a donation which is great news. I’ve been featured in the local paper, on the LLR website and unstoppables Facebook page and I hope to get into the local paper again now to boost publicity close to the event.

I’ve dedicated the last 9 months and the one yet to come to planning for and training for this ride. It has transformed my life completely and I have discovered a love for cycling that I wasn’t expecting. I’ll still be cycling long after I complete this challenge, well, once I’ve recovered anyway.



Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for the update. Sounds like you're bang on schedule with the training and are doing a really fantastic job on the fundraising front Keep up the good work!

As I said before, I would absolutely love to do something like this one day and I will definitely be keeping a close eye on how you get on!

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