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4 years on.......

Julia T
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02 Nov 2015

We don't quite celebrate, but we remember today as the day our life changed forever.....

Today 4 years ago our family changed forever, never again do we take life for granted.  My beautiful 7 year old girl was diagnosed with AML.  She was a complete hero, battled bravely through a rough 1st treatment and came out the other side 6 months later.  4 years on and it has been a scary, turbulent time but she has been so fantastic I look at her and just don't dare to think back too much, only forward and the woman she will become and thank God, medical progress and family and friends for the support we have had.  To all those new to this, light will come, it may take time but it will come again. 





It's great to hear that your daughter is doing well. Is she now in remission or is she still undergoing treatment? We have come such a long way in the treatment of blood cancer in recent years and will not stop until we beat this horrible disease for good.

Wishing you and your daughter all the best going forwards and want you to know that we're here for you at Bloodwise if you ever need anything at all. Stay in touch and thanks again for taking the time to share your experiences. Togehter we will beat blood cancer!



Lovely to hear your good news. I think when we come through something like this we appreciate even more the simple things in life, and how lucky we are to come through the other side.

I hope your daughter continues to enjoy good health, and that you and your family enjoy many happy times together for many more years

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