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4 Years On...

Brett G
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07 May 2018

4 Years on from my diagnosis with AML. Very much still here, what a journey!

Today marks 4 years since I was first diagnosed with AML. A lot has happened since then – chemo, relapse, chemo, stem cell transplant. We have seen friends make it and friends not make it. All we can do is make the best of the chance that we have and be thankful.

Thankful that I am still here for my 3 children. Today I took them out paddleboarding on a board that we bought in the winter. It was my way of saying I’m still very much here. I’m knackered now, but they have had a great day.

Next weekend we are doing a ‘colour rush’ fun run for the local hospice, in 2 weeks I am giving a short talk for Bloodwise at a local concert that has agreed to provide a collection for Bloodwise, and in 3 weeks we are travelling up to Scotland to meet my donor, David, to say thanks in person, and hopefully to do our bit to help get more donors signed up.

None of us know what is around the corner, life can change in an instant, but whatever comes, if we can make the most of it, then there are no regrets.



Hi Brett, thank you for sharing this blog and a beautiful picture too! We would love to hear more of your story - including how your talk at the concert went, and what meeting your donor was like! All the best, Dawn @ Bloodwise

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