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From 40 miles to 60!

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24 Mar 2014

After the success of last week's 40 mile ride I thought this week I’d step it up a little to a 50 miler to keep the progress going, but oh no…. I got a phone call early on Saturday morning from Mark to inform me that there was a space was available on the Towcester Cobbler bike ride – a 60 mile ride. This was an additional 20 miles to my previous week, needless to say I panicked! 

Mark assured me that I’d be fine and told me to stock up on carbs. I spent the day eating and enjoyed a carb loaded meal with my family at Frankie & Benny’s on Saturday night, followed by an early night to prepare myself for the challenge ahead.

I was up at 6am for an hour drive to Towcester with a huge mug of coffee to hand, we arrived in good time for the 8.30am start and it suddenly dawned on me that my 60 mile challenge awaited… Luckily I remembered my saddle cream!

OMG 60 miles is not easy! I was surrounded by other mad cyclists who were also putting their bodies through pain and we faced wind, hail, rain and 5c temperatures. They called the route “lumpy” - that’s hilly to you and I - but I did it in a respectable 4 hours. I was pretty chuffed!

It made me realise that this massive Paris challenge is doable albeit I will need to do that and more 4 days running!

Danny Breithaupt is the Managing Director of The Restaurant Group's Leisure Division, and will be taking on our London | Paris: Be Unstoppable cycling challenge in June 2014 to raise money to help beat blood cancer.



I don't own a bike, Ive never ran more than 10 miles but i would like the challenge of a bike ride e.g London to Paris to raise funds on behalf of my beautiful daughter recently diagnosed with ALL. How achievable is this...obviously with a bike!


Hi Victoria - thanks for getting in touch, we do hope that your daughter is OK.

Thanks for offering to raise funds for us. London to Paris is an amazing event - we'd love to talk to you about it. We also have our flagship cycling event - London Bikeathon and the brand new Birmingham Bikeathon. The bikeathons offer 26, 52 and 100 mile routes - so from London to Paris to our range of bikeathon routes and locations there is something for everyone!

Our super friendly Sports Team can tell you more - you can reach them on 020 7504 2200, just ask for the Bikeathon Team!

All the best, Jason.

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