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50K Push

Hannah D
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04 Aug 2014

Hi, for those of you who don't know who I am, I am Hannah Dunkerely aged 18. I have been helping out at the charity for the past 3 1/2 years since the devastating loss of our friend James Neal. I have gradually begun to take on more reponsibility and I am now branch secretary for the group. What we do would not be possible without the whole community supporting us and I must say, Winterton and surrouding areas are great at providing this support. Our work would also not be possible without the determination and organisation of Daniel Redhead!  

Anyway on with my first blog!!

What an amazing, if not very busy, few weeks!! There has been so much going on for the branch in order for us to reach our 50K target!

First I attended Burton Primary School who held a cake sale and non-uniform day for the branch. It was a brilliant day with plenty of cakes being consumed. Whilst attending the event, I was asked to return to the school on the school for their year 6 leavers assembly. This was due to the fact that one pupil was to recieve the James Neal Award for contribution to sporting activities both in and outside of school hours. This was a huge honour to present this award, along with one of James' close friends Rob Wilson. The winner Luke Cowling was an extremely deserving winner along with two other pupils coming an extremely close second for their amazing work within sport. It was lovely to see that although James is no longer with us, his memory lives on in the present day pupils, many of whom had never met James but yet were still so honoured about recieving an award in his memory. There were many kind words exchanged at this event not only about James but also about the work we are doing in honour of him.

Friday 25th July Charlotte Kirton, Lawrence Grant and I held a collection at the Grimsby store of Tesco Extra. We had a stand where customers could donate to the charity and and share their experiences with us. One particular gentleman really touched us all when he came over to the stand, donated and then went on to tell us how he had been diagnosed with Leukaemia two years ago and then had an appointment two weeks prior to the event. He explained that he thought the hospital staff were going to tell him the Leukaemia had worsened but instead they told him that the treatment had worked and he was in remission. At this point the gentlemans face lit up and said 'It's not bad for 83 is it!'. I have to say when you experience moments like this that you reflect on everything and realise that everything you are doing is so worthwhile, no matter how much hard work is involved!!

We also held a car wash on Saturday 26th July where over 30 cars came to be washed by our less than experienced car washing team, some of who had no idea how wash a car!! Despite this we had a brilliant time while raising an amazing amount of money for an outstanding charity, helping more individuals be able to beat blood cancers!!

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