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6 Months to go...

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04 Jun 2015

We had a fab time being all posh!!  - I have to say it was the best 300 quid (yes really!) we had ever spent – even if we did have to pay 60 quid for a bottle of wine, and 11 quid for a half of Guinness!! If you get chance go to one of these places for the experience if nothing else.
So with only 6 months to go till the wedding I was become super excited - I had now waited nearly 12 years for this day!! Patient aren’t I!!! However when we got back from London we had a call for the Doctors – they had found a shadow on St.John’s lung that shouldn’t be there – the next day he was back in hospital having a camera placed down his throat to see what they could see – when I picked him up he was high on drugs and flirting with all the nurses and old women!! What followed was a lung biopsy – what they hadn’t told us was they had thought it was lung cancer (even though he doesn’t and has never smoked) however, all these came back negative but…. – his arm pit had popped out (as disgusting as it sounds!- and it was  a tad freaky – but on a plus side his cough had eased).
Over the next week his cough started to return and then we had the call – could he come into hospital for results on the numerous tests he had had – I was at work so his dad went with him.




Thanks so much for being so open about everything. I've had lung biopsies a couple of times and they really aren't all that pleasant.

I imagine you must have felt relieved it wasn't lung cancer at the time but the armpit swelling up must have been a concern. Were you aware at the time that this could be a sign of lymphoma?


Hi no we weren't - we new nothing about cancer - we new nobody how had ever had it - we were very lucky - it turns out that St.Johns gran had died of the exact cancer he had - well before he was born though - shows how far things have come - I went with him to have his bone marrow biopsy - it was awful - but a necessity!