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7 weeks until Blenheim Triathlon

Andrew L
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18 Apr 2014

I'm here to help you!
Some of the questions I've been asked so far.

Only 7 weeks to go now until Blenheim Triathlon. How is your training going? Any concerns, any hang ups? I'm your man to ask...been there, done that, got the Tee shirt (actually, over a hundred of them!).

I thought I'd just give you a flavour of the sort of questions I'm being asked.

Oskar wanted to know how important it is to get some open water swimming practice in.

Ian was concerned about his swimming. Now he has an approach he's happy with.

Darcy wanted to know if she could use a sleeveless wetsuit (still got to get back to Darcy, haven't bumped into my referee mate yet!)

David couldn't find a suitable training plan as he is a strong swimmer and cyclist, but poor runner. After a chat with my coaching pal we've devised a plan that works to his strengths with more gym work and brick sessions to help his running.

Just been contacted by David's brother Nat. He is a weak swimmer and needs some advice.

Micheala has always ridden mountain bikes but is finding a road bike I little daunting!

Anything goes! Ask away. Happy to help!


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