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7 years of treatment

Bloodwise Ambassador Katie Ruane
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19 Jan 2014

Well my lovely bloglets,


Today is a bit of a strange day for me.  My 7th cancerversary.  Can't believe it. 7 years of treatment and over the last few months it has really been taking its toll.  My degree is insane and the work load is monumental.  I was talking about it on Thursday in a small group session I have once a month called Personal Development where we can bring issues/problems/things that have been playing on our minds from clinic and our interaction with patients or each other.  I spoke about burnout because that is where I am.  Burnout.  Dropping out sometimes is a very tempting thought, but I have not got this far to do that.  Deferring modules is not an option as we are, this year, the last of my course.  I never understood why final year students left this close to the end.  I now get it.


Whilst I was talking about this and the fact that today is 7 years, I got upset, which didn't bother me, I warned everyone that it would happen and it's fine, but I also experienced the most surreal feeling.  I got very hot and sweaty and felt that every cell in by body was vibrating and felt very shaky and jangly.  After this I experienced a calm and the realisation to allow myself to let go.  It must have been a massive emotional release that I have been needing to do for a while.


In December I saw my personal tutor and she said I never ask for help.  I have been thinking about this and it's true.  I feel that I must be strong and make sure that everyone knows I'm ok so they are ok.  I need to trust that everyone is ok and that I can talk about how I really feel without upsetting anyone or feeling that I am constantly whinging.  This space, where I can write helps me so much, but I need to talk.  To stop bottling it all up.


I feel a massive relief today, I have finished two essays and I have, I think, got a 6 week extension on my dissertation which means I can breathe a bit.  I can take this week off and look after me. 


I never thought I would still be on treatment now, and I don't quite know how to ....I don't know what I am trying to say.  Yesterday is was my friend Jacks birthday who died a few years ago.  He was so strong and positive and yet it wasn't enough.  I don't feel like an inspiration at the moment.  I feel fed up and sick of it all, but yet so grateful I am here.  Guilt. 


But I'm so happy I am here and able to so what I do.  I have such a wonderful time on so many levels and am surrounded by love which is why I celebrate today.  Today is about recognising all the good that has happened over the last 7 years which is huge.  The list would be so long, I'm not going to put it here.  I have met so many and done so much and as I said on Friday at a meeting at the Teenage Cancer Trust, I wouldn't change it.  I would not remove and edit out my cancer. I would change parts.  I would hope to be treatment free by now.  But the cancer diagnosis, it stays.  It would be nice if all the cancer cells had gone by now.


Today is about all of you and a fucking massive thank you to you.  You who read this, who watch my video blogs, who say wonderful things to me, who keep me going, who smile and laugh with me, especially at my slightly dark tumour humour.  You, because it is you who keeps me going.  So with all the love in my heart, thank you. And especially to these four people - My Daddy , Mummy, Claudia and Milo.  My wonderful family who make me, me…


So wherever you are, take a minute and smile, because that is what I shall be doing,
With love and laughter,



Hi Katie,

First things first, belated 'cancerversary'! 7 years is a significant milestone and hope that you reflected positively upon it all overall as you've been through so much and have come out of the other side fighting. To be holding down a degree and undergoing treatment at the same time is no mean feat and you're doing really, really well. Best of luck with the final few months, don't be afraid to ask for help and don't be too down on yourself - you're doing really, really well and will soon be able to add university graduate to your list of achievements!

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