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09 Jun 2014

I have a bike - but I don't think I can ride it 26 miles

Well, I picked up a bike last week. An ancient Raleigh Traffic Master folding bike with 20 inch wheels. Hm, possible not the ideal mode of transport for my first 26mile ride. Having manhandled it into the car (it's rather rusty and wasn't about to fold) I got it home and studied it. Oh well, in the absence of anything else, I thought I might as well try to clean it up a bit and get it roadworthy.

A bucket of warm, soapy water later, and it still looked very rusty, and although I had managed to loosen the handlebars and the foldy bit in the middle, the saddle was refusing to budge, and was stuck on its lowest setting. Out came the WD40, a quick few sprays, and then I left it for an hour. When I came back to it, hey presto! I got it into a more comfortable position for my 5' 10" frame. I then pumped up the tyres - and watched as the air fizzed straight out of them again.

On the plus side it has a vaguely comfortable looking saddle. I wonder if I can transfer that onto the next bike I have lined up for inspection?

Training seems to be going surprisingly well - I went to the gym twice this week and managed 22km on Tuesday (13.5 miles), and 26km on Friday (16 miles) without any ill effects. I played with a few weights and suffered none of the shoulder ache of the previous week. Many thanks to Lauren Dias for that suggestion. This week I shall try having one session for distance, and one for raising the resistance to prepare my poor legs for all the hills (okay, bridges) on the route.

If you're moved by my commitment to beating blood cancer by doing bike makeovers, please donate on my page.




Well done Alison - sounds like training is going really well. You're miles ahead of me at this stage as I haven't even got my bike yet which is fool hardy in the extreme as I've never really cycled before so have no room for complacency!!! What distance are you cycling in the Bikeathon?


Hi Andy, glad to hear I'm not the only one to have entered this without a bike! I'm only doing the 26 mile ride - quite enough to start with...


A wise plan - beginning to wish I'd done the same thing!

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