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02 Jun 2014

My shoulders are killing me!

So yesterday I managed to cycle 20km (nearly 12.5 miles) and got absolutely nowhere. Mainly because I was on a static bike at the gym. I’m aiming to do 26 miles on the day (41.8429km in new money), so that was almost half a Bikeathon. A decent start. If only my shoulders weren’t aching. I wasn’t expecting that.

By the time I fell off the bike, my hands were sore, red and swollen, my thighs had turned into a strange mush of fireball jelly, and my backside, well, let’s just say it was so numb it felt as though I was sitting on my kidneys. And that’s on a saddle that might as well be a sofa compared to whatever saddle there might be on any real bike.

Yes. The bike. So far my friends have helpfully suggested a possible sighting of a possibly available bike in Nottingham (I’m in South London), an available bike with two flat tyres in Oxford, a mountain bike in Sutton that’s in use so I’d only have limited access, a couple of old bikes outside Oxford (nothing to do with cycling, and we all know some of those), and (at last) an ancient boneshaker in Carshalton which I’m welcome to have, but that will require a service. It may or may not come with a basket on the front.

I’m collecting that last one later today. I’ll keep you posted…

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Amazing work :) I would recommend doing some weights on the arms and shoulders to get rid of that shoulder ache - and possibly the back ! When i did a charity ride they were the areas that hurt most (my legs were absolutely fine - weird seeing as i was cycling 90K a day!!) 


Keep up training - looking forward to reading more of your blogs :) 


Many thanks, Lauren. Yes, I was expecting sore legs, but they were fine! The shoulders were a surprise - I will attack the weights!

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