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93 Days Left.

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30 May 2014

Okay, that’ll teach me to read the small print.

 “I’ve got the bug for this blog-thing, what can I write about next,” I asked Ellie, “bearing in mind that although I can ride a bike I a) couldn’t ride 50 miles, and b) don’t have a bike.”

“That’s no problem,” she replied, “we’ve got a 26 mile course on the Bikeathon 2014. I’ll sponsor you. Then you can blog about that.”
I’d better explain that I’ve already written two blogs for LLR (the first about Impact Day 2014, and the second about Afternoon Tea with the Calendar Girls), hence the slightly weird need to write more.

So here I am, having signed up for the (short) Bikeathon. Without a bike. And having ridden no more than 5km (3 miles) at a time on the static gym bike for the last few years.

Oh dear, well I’m carrying a few extra pounds (better make that kilos) at the moment, so it’s a good excuse to shed some of those and generally get a bit fitter.

Now to get into training.

And find a bike…



Amazing, go Alison!

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