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ACRES Estate Agent's Take to the Sky

Emma Jane Jones
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28 Jul 2014

Well done to Acres Estate Agent's on their latest Fundraising challange

Congratulations to our ACRES Estate Agent Parachute Team - Nigel and Christopher Deekes and Conrad Farmer. They have a fantastic £1,233 and still continuing to raise funds though the Midlands based company.

Nigel Deekes, 'To anybody thinking of doing a parachute jump, I and my fellow skydivers last week can only recommend it. Supporting Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research is of course of paramount importance with the outstanding work that they do, however to fulfil a wish at the same time is such a bonus.

As the last group of parachutists for the day, you would think nerves would be increased, however watching some 60 or 70 people safely land and hearing their stories of delight, nerves were reduced. Saying that as we climbed in the aeroplane to 13,000 feet and the doors opened, undoubtedly the heart was pumping a little faster! The moment we exited the plane, the nerves were gone and the exhilaration took over. 45 seconds of free-falling followed by four or five minutes of parachuting, what a buzz. On landing I would have happily climbed back in the plane and done it again.

Regardless of how much I tell you it is easier than you think, I really cannot portray this fully. Yes there are nerves but absolutely you will enjoy it and afterwards will know that those nerves were needless.

So, as I and my fellow skydivers did, enjoy the day and raise lots of money for LLR.'



Great work guys! I did a sky dive once but not sure I could do it again. Maybe that should be another challenge...

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