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acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

William Macke
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21 Jul 2015

My younger years

When i was 3 years old i was diagnosed with ALL. Being that age i dont remember much. But the look on there faces now tell me that i was very lucky. I remember having to give a lot of blood and was given something to make me sleep a lot. I remember running away down a hallway so i didnt have to have another injection (I dont mind them but it got a bit much at my tender age). I remember all my hair falling out and feeling down because everyone else had hair. My cousins then shaved their hair off so I didnt feel left out. im now turning 21 in november and was given the all clear nearly 3 years ago. I will always have marks on my body to remind me that life is too short and easily taken away (not that i thought this when i was younger!). I would like people to realise just that its actually scarier for the loved ones than the person with ALL.

hope you liked the short part of my life i'll never forget.



Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with ALL Will. Being three it's not a surprise that you don't remember too much - probably for the best - but it's great to hear that you're in remission and doing so well after treatment. Long may that continue to be the case!

I completely agree from my own experience as both a patient and a carer that it's far harder for the loved ones as bar being there to support you there really isn't anything they can do and the feeling of powerlessness can be debilitating.

Wishing you all the best in the future - what are you up to at the moment? Stay in touch and thanks again for sharing your experiences.

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