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After a short break another training ride. Proper 40 miler!

rich Castle
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08 Jun 2014

Well on a hot summers day when many of you are out in the sun bbq'ing or in the pub garden, i went on an epic training ride today. Starting from home, I went through sutton, cheam, then onto Kingston, to Hampton court, then a lovely riverside ride from hampton court to Kingston along the Barge Walk. I then went through Teddington, then onto Richmond and through the gorgeous Richmond Park with the deer out in abundance.. I then made my way back to home, arriving over 3 hours later with sore legs and a rumbling tum. Quick shower then a smoked Salmon salad and a cold becks blue to round off a lovely day,

Link to ride details.





Monster effort, Rich - putting my 20k gym sessions to shame! I've decided that enough is enough and I need to get myself a bike this weekend before this challenge slips away from me! Andy 


Cheers Andy. Perhaps hook up and have a ride before the big day. 

I'm organising a fundraising night for the 22nd Aug and I'm planning a quiz night, disco, raffle, auction ( Crystal palace fc have been approached for goodies) and other fun stuff.

Me legs are giving me some heavy stick today. Ouchies!!!!

Good luck with the training and 'on ya bike' as they say.



You're welcome Rich! Fundraising night sounds great. Will big Geoff be there? Let me know if you need a hand as I'll be happy to pop down on behalf of the charity.

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