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"Aidan's Year"..One little boy’s fight with a medical perfect storm

Aidan's dad
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25 Jul 2014

My son Aidan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in June of 2011. Later that year he was also diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. While our journey in the treatment of pediatric cancer, ADHD and Autism is far from over, we know there are many more children just starting theirs. Understanding that no two leukemia and autism treatments are the same, I felt that if anybody could take anything away from our fight and apply it in a positive manner to their own journey, then the story of Aidan's first year of treatment needed to be told.

While every treatment is different, "Aidan's Year" tries to fill the need to give the next family going through what we are going through today something you hear very little of when you hear cancer and autism...


Sadly, publishers call this a "sick book" and not what we believe it to be...a "hope book". For that reason, I self-published the book to get our story out and is now available on

I'm not a writer, educator or expert in anything but my children. I hope that, by telling our story in book form...and with this blog, we can help others. I look forward to reading your amazing stories of strenght and perserverance...

Thank you....-Joey

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Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I think what you're doing is fantastic in taking something so negative and turning it into a real positive that will undoubtedly help other patients and their families going through blood cancer. 

Do you have a link to the story on Amazon so that we can direct people to the Amazon page with a view to finding out more and, ultimately, buying the book?

Thanks again, and keep up the good work - together we will beat blood cancer!


There is no "story" on Amazon, but here is the link to the book:

Thank you for the wonderful comments...and we will beat blood cancer!

-Joey Maynard


Hi Joey,

Thanks so much for replying so quickly with the link to the book - I'll add this to your blog post now so that people can download it.

We'd also love to help publicise this for you on our social media channels over the weekend. Do you have a nice photo of you and Aidan which you'd be happy for us to use? If so, could you send it to me? My email address is

Thanks again for sharing this and everything that you're doing to help spread awareness of blood cancer and treatment. We've got everything crossed for Aidan with the remainder of his treatment and I'll certainly be buying a copy of the book.