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Ambassador Dates for the Diary

Andy Jackson
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14 Dec 2014

2017 is shaping up to be another busy year with a number of events and awareness days to keep an eye out for. It's worth noting that all events may be subject to time and date changes.

There'll also be other events and many more opportunities that will come up in addition to this list so don't worry if nothing immediately stands out.


On Saturday 28th The Girls Musical will be launching on London's West End for an initial 3 month run. In addition to coming to see the show and encouraging friends and family to to the same we're looking for willing volunteers to the help out with bucket collections which the show have very kindly allowed us to carry out at every performance of the show.

More information on the musical and the Calendar Girls' long association with the charity is available on our Calendar Girls page. To register your interest in helping out with the collections and attending a special gala showing the week before the official opening please email Afia at 

On Wednesday 18th January we have an All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer Blood Cancer Event where we will be talking to MPs more about some of the issues facing blood cancer patients and possible ways that they can help.


4th February is World Cancer Day
. We're still finalising our plans for this but will be in touch as soon as we have as this is something that we want to support as much as we can as it is a great opportunity for us all to raise awareness about blood cancer.

On Monday 20th Kate will be going to the Cancer Survivorship Summit in London to talk about ways the cancer community can improve practice and outcomes for those living with and beyond cancer. This is an organisation led conference but is worth having in mind as we may need a couple of Ambassadors nearer the time.

Last and by no means least, we'll be running the first of our Ambassador training days. An exact time and date is yet to be confirmed but there'll be much more on this in the new year. 


On Sunday 5th March we'll be holding our Scotland Tree of Tribute Event at Linlithgow Burgh Hall. This is a remembrance event for aimed at those who have lost loved ones to blood cancer. For more information and to register your interest contact our Scotland team at

We also have the second and third Ambassador Training sessions and will sending out official tiems and dates early next year.


On Saturday 22nd April we have our regional Impact Day events in Scotland and the South East. Times, dates and venues have yet to be officially confirmed but they will be in London and Glasgow and we'd love to have as many of you involved as we possibly can.

To register your interest please email me directly at


Saturday 6th May we have our regional Impact Day event in the South West. A time and date and venue has yet to be officially confirmed but this year's event will be being held in Bristol.

On Saturday 20th May we have our final regional Impact Day events in the North and Midlands. Again, exact times and venues have yet to be confirmed however they will be in Leeds and Birmingham.

We need Ambassadors for all three regional days to help out in a number of roles. To register an interest and for more information please contact me directly at

The 12th May is International Nurses Day where we will almost certainly be doing something on social media while May is also Myeloma Awareness Week so do watch this space for further communications from us on how you can get involved.


Next year we are the charity partner for Prudential Ride London which is the most popular cycling event in the UK and a brilliant opportunity for us to raise funds and awareness.

To show our commitment to the partnership and make the most out of the day we want to have as big a presence as possible which will undoubtedly involve Ambassadors. Keep Sunday 30th July pencilled in your diaries for now and expect more information on how you can get involved in due course. 


We're going to be hosting our very first Ambassador Summer Party to which you will all be invited! Exact details are yet to be confirmed but this will be a family event and is an opportunity for us all to get together, share ideas and celebrate everything that we've achieved. 


September is both Blood Cancer Awareness and Childhood Cancer Awareness Months in which there are going to be many, many ways for you to get involved including a possible Ambassador Roadshow. We're working on plans already and will be looking for your input and ideas in due course but please do look to keep free as there will be ways for all of you to get involved.

September is also host to three significant awareness days - Lymphoma Awareness Day (15th), World Marrow Donor Day (16th) and World CML Day (22nd).


Keep an eye out for MDS Awareness Day. No firm date as yet but we will be looking to do something to raise awareness of MDS alongside our colleagues at MDS UK.


Times and dates are yet to be confirmed but we'll once again be looking for you all to come and help us at Christmas with the Stars and our regional carol concerts. We're hoping to have a much bigger role for you all next year for those that want to help out rather than just attend the events and will be in touch after September when we start to plan in earnest for our festive activities.

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