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Ambassador Fundraising Opportunities

Andy Jackson
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31 May 2015

Five ways that we'd love for you to get involved and help us reach our Ambassador fundraising target

Off the back of all your brillant (and unprompted) fundraising efforts last year you may remember that we decided to set an Ambassador fundraising target of £250,000 for us to reach together as a group.

We've already raised more than £20,000 and I'm confdent that with a bit of hard work and working together we can comfortably reach that target whilst also raising awareness and having fun at the same time.

With that in mind I've started having a think about possible fundraising activities that we could do together to start building some momentum. Here's five that I'd love to make happen:

1. Group sky dive

Not one for the faint hearted, I know, but I think this would be a great activity for a group of us to do that could really help raise awareness at the same time.

Paul Carless (pictured) and I have already agreed to take part. There's even talk of us trying to go for some kind of world record for most jumps in a day if we can get enough people to take part!

With the record attempt in mind, if you're not keen on jumping yourself but know of others that would be happy to give it a go on your behalf then do also get in touch as it'll be great to get an idea of whether a record attempt is something that is feasible in terms of numbers.

​If we did have enough to attempt the world record this would very likely get press coverage, too, which would be brilliant for raising awareness especially if we made the attempt during Blood Cancer Awareness Month in September.

2. Ambassador team at this year's London Bikeathon

The London Bikeathon is our flagship sports event and this will be it's 21st year. I think it would be lovely if we could put an Ambassador team together for this and we've still got plenty of time to put a bit of training in as it's not until 3rd September. There are two routes to choose from but in the interests of getting as many of us involved as possible I think we should look to enter the 26 mile ride :)

Fallling during Blood Cancer Awareness Month I'm sure that we could come up with some ideas on how we could do something unusual to help raise a little awareness along the way.

3. Ambassador team for Free Cycle Ride

As many of you probably already know we're the charity partner of this year's Prudential Ride London series which is the biggest cycling event in the UK and a huge opportunity for us to demonstrate that we're a great charity partner for big sports events going forwards.

A few of you are already taking part in the main event but the press team are really keen for us to put together an Ambassador team for the Free Cycle event which kicks off the Prudential Ride London weekend on Saturday 29th July.

It's only 8 miles, takes in lots of the London landmarks and is a great family event. It's also an opportunity for us to make a big statement, raise awareness and also add some funds towards our fundraising target :)

4. Regional Tea with the Girls

We're looking for willing Ambassadors to help us set up and host some regional tea parties over the course of the summer to really help us promote and encourage our Tea with the Girls campaign.

I know a lot of you already have plans to host your own Tea with the Girls which is fantastic but it would be fantastic if we could also host some big events where we combine forces too. 

5. Ambassador Ball

At the end of this year we're looking in to the possiblity of hosting an Ambassador Ball for you all. This would primarily be as a thank you to you all for all the incredible things you've done and continue to do to help raise awareness and support the charity. 

The Ball is just an idea at this stage and we're very keen for you to be involved in it's creation from the get go however the first step is to get an idea of how many might be interested in coming.

Next steps

The next step for all five of these fundraising challenges is to get an idea in terms of numbers about which events, if any, you'd all like to get involved in. Have a think and if there are any that take your fancy do let me know by emailing me at

N.B. If you've got or are planning to set up a JustGiving page as part of your individual fundraising efforts don't forget to link it up to the Ambassador Team page by going to the page and clicking on Join the Team. 

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