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Jackie L
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22 Jul 2015


Hi I am 61 yr old female diagnosed with AML at the beginning of December 2014

I was lucky enough to have a transplant from my sister who is a complete match

The transplant was on 27th May 2015 and I have just been given the news my DNA is 100% my sisters !

Just waiting for the results of a bone marrow biopsy now which will reveal more information 

Its a really worrying time but I'm staying as positive as I can

My thoughts are with everyone who going through this or has blood cancer

Jackie x



Hi Jackie, thank you for sharing your thoughts.  My husband has been diagnosed with AML last month.  He was allowed to go outside for the first time in five weeks.  It was only for two hours but we enjoyed every moment of it.  Such a small step forward but we are determined to beat the AML.  My thoughts are with you.  Mx


Good luck with the biopsy results Jackie! We've got everything crossed for you!!!


Many thanks for your kind thoughts and comments

Sorry I am so late in getting back with my blood results but I have been so I'll for the last five days or so

Everything went well with my bloods except a doctor had left me a prescription for my Liver " it's working fine just irritated " apparently.

Another doctor was called to listen to my chesty cough and prescribed antibiotics as a precaution.

I went home with the new meds and started them immediately, by lunch time the next day I felt so ill I phoned the ward for advice. Nauseous, stomach cramps, back ache and upset tummy. I was advised to persevere and take anti sickness but if it got worse to go to A&E

As I didn't have a temperature I stopped taking the meds it took three days but I felt so much better

I went back yesterday for blood check and clinic and was immediately put into isolation it seems I have the flu, also explains while I feel so ill.

Doc said was ok to stop antibiotic as its a viral infection and at present don't need any meds but I need to go back on the Liver tablets. I have taken two doses so far and although I have backache that could be down to GVH

Doc also said my CMV test has come back twice as negative which is really good news and also my BMB show there are no leukaemia cells present, I know it's early days and I have a long way to go but to hear those words reduced me to tears.

Next BMB in three months, hoping for100% sisters Dna and no Leukaemia cells, fingers crossed x

Take care xx

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