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Another month goes by - Now its getting serious

Kevin Hill
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31 May 2015

May is over and now so just over 100 days to go and time to stretch those miles.
Month started off poorly with a back spasm meaning a week off the bike. When I got back I started with a couple of sessions on the trainer to make sure I was ok as I didn't want to have an attack and be stranded out on the road somewhere. All good and celebrated by my first 50 mile ride, went on to do 4 more this month and once again starting to look for routes to stretch further so can't be all bad.
In addition this month I took part in the Vrynwy bikeathon [see my last post] which included my first back to back rides. Then the following week the opportunity to meet up with a whole load of riders at Daventry. Great to ride in a group and assess how things are going. Thanks to the guys from Daventry CC for organising the route. I didn't realise there were that many hills In the area but I'm sure you got them all in [at least once]. Also thanks to Lakeside Bikes for hosting the ride and their hospitality at the end, lovely coffee and cake to finish with.
Took the bike in for a service this week as it had started randomly needing to be in a specific gear to change from bottom to top ring, the frustrating thing was it wasn't always the same one, so by the time I'd sorted it out I'd lost loads of momentum. Service guys reckoned they'd sorted it and on a ride on Thursday all was good so much happier.
Unfortunately out yesterday and after about 15 miles it started again. The next five miles were mostly uphill so not a big problem. Got to my half way point and had a look and once again the front mech was loose, tried to tighten it but looked like the screw was threaded.
Fortunately I'd passed a bike shop in the last couple of miles so rode back and saw one of the mechanics who confirmed it was threaded but they couldn't fix it as it would need a new part. So 25 miles home on the bottom ring, somewhat easier but also way slower. Took the bike straight back to the shop, expected an argument but they couldn't have been better about it. Sorted it out, even taking the part off a bike on the floor as they hadn't got a spare in stock and I was back out in 15 minutes, that's what I call service.
So start of a new month and time to keep up the rides but extend them some more, keep on keeping on.

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