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22 Jul 2015

After the positive start to my training, I decided that little and often would be the way I would be able to make the most of my limited time.

4th April, I rode from home to my mother in laws, taking me through Boreham, Little Baddow, Danbury, and in a loop round to Cold Norton. Taking in a climb over North Fambridge Hill. A total of 34km. I had dinner there, and got a lift home with my wife.


6th April, my wife dropped me off around my mother in laws, and I rode home, on the exact reverse of the route a few days prior.


Week commencing the 13th April, I did two turbo training sessions.

Trying to fit in long distance rides was prooving to be difficult, so I decided to plan a commute home from work. So I took my bike on the train in the morning, and then cycled home. Further Garmin issues, an accidental save of the ride half wa home, so the ride is split in two.



25th April, my brother and I planned a 50km route. Departing from Springfield, we went through, Great Baddow, up to Danbury, Ulting, Hatfield Peveral, Terling, Great Leighs, Little Waltham, and finally back home on the outskirts of Chelmsford. A slightly slower pace than the last few rides, but definitley noticed that the hills are becoming easier.


For the rest of April, I had a couple more Turbo trainer sessions, and my usual 3km commute to Chelmsford train station.

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