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Aileen Lamb


Aileen Lamb
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Aileen Lamb
14 Sep 2016

Its a year tomorrow since my diagnosis. Doing something good during Blood Cancer Awareness month.

September 2015 was Blood Cancer Awareness month. I had no idea. A year ago today I didn’t know I had leukaemia. 24 hours later I had been diagnosed and my life changed forever.Leukaemia is part of a group of 137 blood cancers which are the fifth most common cancers and the third biggest killer in the UK.

This year I’m acutely aware of Blood Cancer Awareness month. Every media mention, each poster hung, countless online discussions remind me that the campaign is a wee bit about me. It is about raising awareness in order to increase support for the research that Bloodwise does. About demystifying the process of stem cell transplants coordinated by Anthony Nolan.  Encouraging new and lapsed donors to regularly give blood.

I’m glad to be a Bloodwise Ambassador, particularly this month. Helping raise awareness by sharing my story is something real and positive that I can do. Countless others who’ve walked this road before me have contributed to my recovery. Now I’m paying it forward.

And the question in the title? I’m starting to glue myself back together, slowly, piece by piece. Who knows what the final outcome will be. What I do know is I won’t be exactly the same as I was before 15 September 2015. I think I’ll always be a wee bit wonky from now on. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – is it?


Eleanor Baggley

Hi Aileen, thank you for this lovely blog. It's really wonderful to hear what Blood Cancer Awareness Month and being an Ambassador means to you.

Wonky is most certainly never a bad thing!


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